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Saturday, May 10, 2008

2 year Pictures

Last weekend we took Aaden to get his 2 year old pictures. He did such a good job compared to his 1 year when he just wanted to scream at the photographer and run away. He are a few of the ones they took! He loved the bat and ball and was sad when we took it away.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Our baby turns 2

On Tuesday Aaden had his 2nd birthday. We had a little get together with friends and family and had cake and ice cream, opened presents and then watched the Sun's game(which ended the season for the Sun's:(. Listed below are a few of Aaden's favorite things:

1. Aaden loves his cousins. He ask everyday if he can go see Eilee, Lanee, Macy, Kadee or Conner. Some times I have to tell him we will go see your cousins if you help mommy and pick up your toys!
2. Aaden love bubbles and because of this will now go to nursery with out crying. We could blow bubbles for the kid all day and he would never get bored.
3. Aaden loves balloons, especially the punch ones with a string. He will sit and hit it in the air and entertain himself.
4. Aaden loves cheese, chocolate, strawberrys and Sponge Bob fruit snakes. These are his most requested snacks.
5. Aaden loves Barney. This is the only cartoon he would watch up to about 2 months ago. It was on replay constantly at our house. Finally, he is starting to watch other things like Pooh and Tigger, Micky Mouse, and a few Disney movies(thank you, I have had enough Barney to last me a life time).
6. Last but not least Aaden loves balls. He loves baseball, basketball, football and even volleyball(I think this is from watching mom to much). He has his only little basketball hoop and will play with it for hours or now that the weather is nice he loves going outside and hitting of his baseball tee. He has a bucket of balls and he will sit there and hit all of them and then go around the yard and pick them up and start all over again. His new favorite thing is to have us pitch it to him and hit. Daddy has been teaching him to throw it up and hit it himself. His eye-hand coordination surprises me for how little he is!

I can't believe how much this little boy has changed our life's. We are so grateful that he was sent to us to be part of our family and that Heavenly Father trusted us enough to be his parents.

Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale!!!