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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Photography, my newest profession NOT

So last week I decided I would try and take the kids picture's by myself in front of the Christmas tree for our Christmas cards. Trying to get an almost 3 year old and a 6 month baby to corporate is IMPOSSIBLE. My children anyways. I would tell Aaden to just look at the camera and smile while I try to get Addie to smile. I was making all kinds of weird noises(like they do at the place that we get our pictures taken at and it always works)so Aaden decides to make the noises too to try and get Aadie to smile. Instead, Addie turns around looking at him wondering what the heck he is doing so then I start to tell him to just smile and not worry about Aadie. As she is turning to look at him she is slipping down so he decides to get the choke hold on her to hold her position, which then makes her mad and she starts to cry because no body likes to be choked. I finally got a good one of both of them and Addie had throw up on her chin. Goodness, I now know why photographers charge more money for bigger family's with children. I was only trying to get two kids to smile at once, I can't imagine a large group. Below are pictures from the whole experience. I think I will use some and send out on our Christmas card because lets face it. This is everyday life for us!!!

Here are a few more that Aaron and I took together because we thought it would be easier with two adults. It wasn't. So I guess we will just leave the picture taking to the professionals!!!


Wood Family said...

Oh man Aaden looks so big in theses pictures, They are adaorable kids, I just love them like my own! Where are the ones of me???

Jamie said...

The pictures are great considering all the mess it took to get them. I haven't been on your blog in awhile- I can't believe how big both your kids are getting!! Way too cute. We would love to send you guys a Christmas card- can I get your address?

sheridan said...

I don't think they were bad. I can totally relate, I had the exact same experience trying to take Ezra and Chandler's pictures next to our tree. I finally bribed both of mine with suckers and Chandler ended up with Ezra's stuck in her hair.

Taralee and Trace said...

ha ha. That was great. I love all the photos. Usually people just post the "good" ones. I like to see the work that is behind it all! :)
Your guys kids are so very cute though all dressed up in their Christmas clothes. I can't believe how big they are getting. They sure are adorable.
Merry Christmas!!

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